Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) Section

Frequently asked questions

What is required of guests before booking?

Guests should sign up Book and Pay for the cuisine they are interested in

How and when should i pay for the booking?

Guests should pay using paypal or mpesa when they book their cuisine for the order to be processed.You will receive an email notification there after.

Is my money safe?

All payments are held by jiranis food until the guests confirms they have received the experience from the host.Jiranis food will then disburse the money to the case of complaints our complaints department will do its best to solve the issue promptly.

How do I become a host ?

You can become a host by clicking on the link become a host and logging in to your account or rather signing up if you have not yet opened an account.Complete profile by filling the bio data .

Who can be Jiranisfood host?

Anyone can become a host, from stay home mums,students,home chefs,foodies,proffessional chefs,Restaurants specialising in cuisines, as long as they can cook and prepare Authentic African Local Cuisines/Food